09. The Mall

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The Mall


Photo 1 - The Mall Public House today

The Mall is mentioned in 1890 as the venue for a meeting to discuss the desirability of forming a Gentlemen`s Social Club in the village. In the same year was the comment that “without wishing to be derogatory, the Mall was not the sort of place which a gentleman and lady would visit for the refreshment they required”! (This was stated by a representative of the Eagle Hotel, which was applying for a licence to sell alcohol!)

By 1900, the building was called “The Mall Wine Office” under Mr. Roberts, who shortly afterwards retired as manager of the Victoria Hotel.


Photo 2 - Brickwork on rear wall of the Mall. Typical of Adolphus Came properties

At the beginning of the First World War there was unease about Germans working in this area, of whom there were several, mostly in the hotel trade. They were rounded up and sent packing. In the newspaper of September 1914, we read of “the sensational arrest of Mr. Hots of the Mall Tavern, Woodhall Spa.” He was sent from here to authorities of the government in York.

With its central position in the village, its bar and billiard room, the Mall has been a popular hostelry for over a century and has had many alterations and extensions. In 1923, Mr. Fellows installed a wireless for the benefit of his customers. In the late 20th century, when outdoor eating became popular, a patio was added next to the car park.


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