23. Conservation Area

From the start, the architect commissioned to create the Spa, Richard Adolphus Came, had a vision of his own - an elegant and spacious community in a woodland setting, with broad tree-lined avenues and large residential plots.


 This is still percieved as one of the village's greatest assets - 'the space is the place' is an often quoted observation. To achieve it, Mr Came created a stringent set of design and planning guidelines, even specifying that Woodhall Spa should not have 'streets', a policy maintained today.

All the buildings on this page fall with the Woodhall Spa Conservation Area. Conservation Areas are intended not solely to protect individual buildings but to retain and develop the general character of the area. Building uses, materials, scale of buildings, street furniture, surfacing, spaces between buildings and traffic impact are strategic, area wide issues, which may be addressed by the Council or local amenity and residents groups.

The Woodhall Spa Conservation Area was designated on 17 January 1991 and it currently covers the late Victorian/Edwardian planned area of the village including most of the pre-existing development. It also encompasses a large wooded area to the north with the Petwood Hotel in the centre of this area.

A Conservation Area appraisal was conducted in 2007. This was to fulfil East Lindsey District Council’s duty to ‘draw up and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement’ of the area as required by the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The survey was undertaken in August 2007 and the report was published in July 2008.

Download the Woodhall Spa Conservation Appraisal - April 2008

Note: This is a large PDF document and may take a while to open.

Although the fact that the heart of the village lies within the Conservation Area, there is a concern that 'infill' will steadily change the look and character of the village. ....



The Houses


House on the Broadway


Houses on Sylvan Avenue








The Shops


Shop canopies before restoration


Canopies after restoration









Robert bell's before restoration

Robert Bell & Company before restoration


Robert Bell's after restoration








The Hotels

Petwood Hotel

The Petwood Hotel. Built in 1905 as a home for Baroness Von Eckhardstein (born Grace Maple, daughter of Sir Blundell Maple the famous furniture store magnate of the time).

The Dower House

The Dower House

Golf Hotel

The Golf Hotel. Winter scene featuring the Golf Hotel on 'The Broadway' . Formerly the Clevedon Club and the Clevedon House Preparatory School


The Eagle Lodge Hotel (now the Inn at Woodhall Spa). Originally Eagle House, built in the 1870's. It first served as a hotel in 1882.


Here is a brief description of the Conservation Area boundaries:

  • North of Witham Road, Station Road, The Broadway & Horncastle Road

West to East

St Andrews Churchyard and the old St Andrew's School building, up Stixwould Road, along Monument Road, south along footpath between Petwood Hotel and Bracken Golf Course. Along Manor Road to the Manor House, double to the Dower House Hotel along the Spa Trail, south to The Broadway and along Horncastle Road as far Kirkby Lane, but excluding Golf HQ,

This area includes Coronation Road, King George Avenue, Spa Road, Church Walk, The Pinewoods, Petwood Estate, Kinema, Spa Baths, Coronation Hall, Cottage Museum, Golf Hotel, Dower House Hotel, The Broadway and Station Road shops.

  • South of Witham Road, Station Road, The Broadway & Horncastle Road

From opposite King Edward Road, the shops and old fire station on the south side of Witham Road and properties on the west side of Tattershall Road as far south as Albany Road.

East side of Tattershall Road, Cromwell Avenue and north side of Tor 'O' Moor Road (as far as Sylvan Avenue), Sylvan Avenue, The Broadway (as far as Kirkby Lane) Kirkby Lane (as far as Tor 'O' Moor Road & including Heatherlea)

This area includes Station Road, Stanhope Ave, Victoria Ave , Iddesleigh Road, Alveston Ave, Sylvan Ave and Long Lane. St Peter's Church, Church of Our Lady & St Peter, St Hugh's School, The Mall and The Woodhall Spa Hotel

Note: The ELDC maps should be studied to determine precisely which properties lie with the Conservation Area and which are outside.


The Woodhall Spa Conservation Area is marked on maps available on the East Lindsey District Council website. Go to:

The ELDC map for Woodhall Spa

What is a Conservation Area 

Woodhall Spa Local Development Order & Article 4 Directions 

Updated 27 Dec 20


Heritage Trail locations



The trail can be started at any location, but we suggest you also visit the Cottage Museum to see the photographs taken by John Wield during the heyday of the Spa and items associated with this unique Victorian Spa town.

The Trail is just one of several projects in the hands of the Woodhall Spa Parish Council sponsored Heritage Committee. Click here if you are interested in the committee or their projects.

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