04. The Tea House in the Woods

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Tea House in the Woods


Photo 1 - Early 1900's postcard of the Tea House (Postcard in Webmaster's collection)

Among the many buildings erected here in the Edwardian period, was the charmingly named and prettily constructed Teahouse in the Woods. The two ladies who ran it were daughters of a London clergyman and sisters of Dr. Williams, Superintendent of the Spa Baths. They came here every year to manage the Teahouse for the Season, until in 1913, it was reported “they had bought it outright.” Looking at postcards and by all accounts, it was a delightful feature of the village, situated not far from the Broadway and on the way to the Baths. The Misses Williams were charming hostesses, wearing long, lavender coloured gowns with little muslin aprons and picture hats. Everything about the place was dainty and the delicacies served were of the highest quality. The wooden verandah was edged by attractive, slim wooden arches and there were several rustic tables on the lawns where visitors might be joined by scurrying red squirrels scampering around the trees. The building also housed a tasteful Fancy Goods shop with some of the Misses Williams embroidery on display. There was also a lending library, as can be


Photo 2 - Snapshot of the Tea House in the late 1950's or early 1960's (Webmaster's collection)

seen on the notice board on the left of the photograph.

After a variety of owners in the twentieth century, the Teahouse became “Macauley`s at Teahouse in the Woods”, followed by Restuarante Il Parco and then back to the Tea House in the Woods in the twenty first.

The Tea House in the Woods

The Tea House in the Woods

Behind the building there is a path, running alongside a stream, which stretches past the side of Petwood. It used to be a very pretty walk when Petwood grounds were visible and it is still a pleasant stroll along the side of the Bracken Golf Course.


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