07. Petwood Hotel

Heritage Trail Location 7 


Photo 1 - Petwood under construction. (Photo courtesy of Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum).

In 1905, The Baroness von Eckhardstein, heiress of Maples Furniture store in London, decided to have a “large bungalow” built on a favourite piece of woodland, here in Woodhall Spa.

She was married  to an important German diplomat, a friend of the Kaiser. This marriage did not last and after the divorce the Baroness married Captain Archibald Weigall, grandson of the 11th Earl of Westmorland. The house was beautifully furnished and the Weigalls led a Society lifestyle entertaining, “celebrities,” aristocracy and even Royalty. Locally, they hosted an annual Cricket Week, garden parties , concerts and teas for charities and dinner parties for friends.

Petwood Hotel from the south

Fig 2. Petwood Hotel from the south

In 1934, the Weigalls decided to leave Petwood and they persuaded London hoteliers, John and Peggy Flury, to manage it as a hotel.

The house became a RAF Officers` Mess for 617 (“The Dambusters”) Squadron in 1943.

The present owners have both extensively renovated the property and added to it. A grand new wing and conference centre was added in 2004. The hotel is much sought after for events and is a renowned setting for weddings.

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