Defend Woodhall Spa

What do you think about the applications to build hundreds of new houses in Woodhall Spa?

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I think the community of Woodhall Spa accepts that growth and development is both necessary and indeed desirable.

But, this must be controlled so Woodhall is not destroyed by greedy developers who will build wherever they can to make money, without any thought for the damage they are causing to the community of Woodhall.

ELDC’s 15 year plan has a “target” of some 300 houses to be built in Woodhall. But, this is misleading, it is not a target it is a minimum – there is no upper limit.

This is not acceptable.

This no upper limit policy will result in a fast uncontrolled expansion of Woodhall. Causing an irreversible change to the village; and, an infrastructure (ie schools, doctors, etc.) that will be overwhelmed.

If we all get involved and take action, we stand a good chance as a community of defending our village.

If you’d like to help with this campaign please send me a message or email.
Graham Keegan

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