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Woodhall Spa Parish Council



Welcome to the Woodhall Spa Parish Council pages


All the Parish Council pages can be accessed from here. Select the bold text to view the page.

Link to BBC article entitled - What is a Parish Council? What is a Parish Council?

A Parish council in England is the first tier of local government. There are around 10,000 local councils in England and Wales, made up of nearly 100,000 councillors.

They deliver a range of services at a community level and their role is to represent the local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve quality of life and community well being.

More information on local councils in England, the role of local councillors and what you need to do if you would like to stand as a candidate in the parish council elections are available on the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) website.

Parish Councillors How to contact your Parish Council & Councillors

Parish Plan Woodhall Spa Parish Plan (incl: Action Plan)

Parish Plan Village Design Statement (May 2010 - Draft)

Parish Plan Conservation Area Appraisal - (Jul 2008 - Draft)

Parish Newsletters Parish Newsletters

Meeting dates and agenda items WSPC Meeting dates & agenda items

Meeting minutes WSPC Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes WSPC Policy Documents

Council resources Council Resources

Council resources WSPC Code of Conduct

Annual Report WSPC Annual Reports

Annual Report WSPC Standing Orders

Annual Report WSPC on Facebook

This page:

Parish Council responsibilities Parish Council Responsibilities (Woodhall Spa)

District Council Responsibilities District Council Responsibilities (East Lindsey)

County Council Responsibilities County Council Responsibilities (Lincolnshire)

Link to BBC article entitled What you can do Making a difference - What you can do


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This is what your Parish Council is responsible for


Examples (select bold text for further information)


Planning Applications


The Parish Council has little power but does have a reasonable amount of influence. A prime example of this is planning applications. The planning authority is East Lindsey District Council, but they must provide details of every planning application within the Parish to the Parish Council for review and should take into account the councillors’ comments when coming to a decision.


Parish Plan 2005Under the new Local Development Framwork for planning, now being introduced, the Parish Council will have an increasingly important role in shaping the long term future of Woodhall Spa. The Parish Plan is an important tool in this process. Over the last 20 years, the Parish Council  has initiated the Conservation Area, tree preservation orders and saved the woods in the middle from building by involving the Woodland Trust. More recently, it initiated the Action Plan from the Parish Plan and is tasked with carrying it through.


Highways & Footpaths


Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) is the highway authority, but it has to consult the Parish Council when it’s considering any road scheme, eg: new roads and road widening, diversion or discontinuation of highway, traffic signs and other notices, the placing of double yellow lines, tree planting and verge maintenance.


Lighting for roads and public places

New 'heritage' style lighting installed in Royal Square during 2008

Provision of parking places for vehicles, bicycles and motor cycles

The area behind the Broadway shops will be a car park. Although it does not belong to the Parish Council, as in many other areas, the council forms part of the enabling process,. It is hoped to install a cycle park.

Power to contribute financially to traffic calming schemes


Repair and maintenance of public footpaths and bridleways


Woodhall Spa Walks pamphletThe Parish Council saved our footpath network and has protected it ever since, with the publication of a walks booklet and maintaining a watching brief on their condition and protection. A series of walks are outlined on this website and can be downloaded from the local walks page. The booklet was republished by ELDC during 2008.


Woodhall Spa Walks pamphlet - available from Tourist Information Office >

Provision and maintenance of bus shelters


Provision of signs – danger signs, place names and bus stops signs

Village sign on Witham Road

Signs illustrating the heritage of Woodhall Spa have been sited on the four main routes into the village. The Parish Council Heritage Committee aims to replace many of the heritage signs around the village.





The village sign on Witham Road >

Pictorial Map of Woodhall Spa villageVillage Plan









Large scale pictorial plans of the village sited by Centenary Gardens and the mini roundabout

Power to plant trees and to maintain roadside verges

The Woodhall in Bloom initiative. This involves tree and bulb planting. If you would you like to help, visit the Woodhall in Bloom page for further details.

The Parish Council formed a Tree Committee in 2007 in response to the Parish Plan One of three new pedestrian bridges into the Pinewoods

The Pinewood verges, including new bridges >

Provision of litter-bins and support for any anti-litter campaigns



Leisure & Tourism


Financial contributions to any local organisation promoting tourism

Shire Horse judging at 2006 Country ShowThe Parish Council created and continues to fund the The Friends of Jubilee Park (FOJP) and Heritage Committee. It has also given financial assistance to the Woodhall Spa Country Show committee.

Judging the Shire Horses at the Woodhall Spa Country Show >

Provision of recreation grounds, public walkways, pleasure grounds, open spaces, village greens, gymnasiums, playing fields, holiday camps and boating ponds


Centenary Gardens, The Broadway, Woodhall SpaThe Parish Council has been closely involved in applying pressure to preserve and invest in all our recreational facilities, from the Jubilee Park to the football ground and Royal Square, an ongoing project.

Centenary Gardens on ' The Broadway' >

Provide and equip buildings for use of clubs having athletic, social or educational objectives

Coronation HallCoronation Hall on Spa Road

Public Seating

Seat alongside St Andrew's CemeteryOne of 24 seats provided and maintained by the Parish Council. This one is by St Andrew's cemetery

Provision of entertainment and support of the Arts

The council actively supported the Festival Committee


Local water supplies, Drainage & Public Conveniences


Public conveniences – provision and maintenance of public toilets

Spa Road toiletsSpa Road toilets

Water Supply – power to utilise stream, well or spring water and to provide facilities for general use


Drainage – of ditches and ponds.


The ditch known as 'The Sewer'

The Beck >

Drains, ditches, sewage and surface water have been a bit of a problem for Woodhall Spa in recent years, no more so than after the heavy rainfall of June and July 2007.

Please contact the Parish Council Clerk if you are experiencing problems. Photocopies of correspondence and other relevant information would be helpful, and if you can outline the problem in writing, or have photographs, it would be particularly useful. We will ensure that the agencies know of the issues




Powers to provide allottments

No allotments in Woodhall Spa

Power to acquire Burial Grounds, Cemeteries and Crematoria

Power to contribute towards expenses of cemeteries



Kirkby Lane CemeteryThe Parish Council is now responsible for the management and maintenance of the Kirkby Lane cemetery. Authority was transferred from East Lindsey District Council in 2009. 



Kirkby Lane cemetery (open)

Powers to maintain closed cemeteries



St Andrews Cemetery (closed)St Andrews cemetery (closed)


ELDC Policy ENV8 - Protection of Open Spaces

Maintain, repair, protect and adapt War Memorials

Dambusters MemorialThe Village War Memorial and the Dambuster's Memorial



Dambusters Memorial >

Clocks – public clocks can be provided and must be maintained

Clock on Station Road



The clock on Station Road was purchased and is maintained by the Parish Council

Ability to spend money on Community Transport initiatives


Powers to spend money on crime prevention measures

Members of Woodhall Spa Policing PanelThe Parish Council closely liaises with local policing initiatives and supports the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) scheme. Police regularly attend Parish Council meetings to meet the council and general public. One of the Parish Councillors sits on the Woodhall Spa Policing Panel



General Spending & Gifts – Parish Councils can spend a limited amount of money on anything they deem of benefit to the community that is not covered by the other specific responsibilities described in this list. Parish Councils may accept gifts

Woodhall Spa First RespondersThe council has supported dozens of local sporting and social clubs, from football, cricket and bowls to the youth club, cubs, scouts and guides. It has also helped local charities such as LIVES and other organisations from the Woodland Trust, the Citizens Advice Bureau and victim support to Twinning, the Luncheon Club for the elderly, the Cottage Museum etc etc
Duty to recieve accounts of parochial charities

Land - Power to acquire by agreement, to appropriate, to dispose of

Power to accept gifts of land


Legal proceedings – power to prosecute and defend any legal proceedings in the interests of the community, power to take part in any public enquiry


Postal and Telecommunication Facilities – power to pay a public telecommunications operator any loss sustained in providing services in that area


Bye-laws – the power to make bye-laws concerning: baths and washhouses, open spaces and burial grounds, swimming pools, cycle parks, mortuaries and pleasure grounds

Dog bin on the Spa TrailBye-laws are applied to Kirkby Lane Cemetery and dog bins.



By maintaining a strong voice, we ensure that all other authorities and organisations see us as a force to be
reckoned with and consult us at every opportunity.


Quality Council Status

Woodhall Spa Parish Council has now achieved Quality Council Status. What does this mean?

The Quality Parish and Town Council scheme was launched in June 2003, following the publication of the government's Rural White Paper - 2000. The scheme was designed to provide a benchmark minimum standards for parish and town councils and enable them to better represent the communities they serve. The scheme also aims to give enhanced relationships between local councils, principal authorities and community and voluntary sector organisations.

In order to achieve Quality status, parish and town councils must demonstrate that they have reached the standard required by passing several tests. These tests as summarised below;

  • Quality Parish & Town Council SchemeElectoral Mandate
  • Qualifications of the Clerk
  • Council Meetings
  • Communications
  • Annual Report
  • Accounts and
  • Code of Conduct

The tests exceed the statutory duties of parish and town councils and represent the standards that an efficient , well run parish council should achieve. (Further details of the Test Criteria can be found in the Guidance ‘The Quality Scheme Explained’ which can be downloaded from the National Association of Local Councils website: www.nalc.gov.uk/quality


Code of Conduct



Pursuant to section 27 of the Localism Act 2011, Woodhall Spa Parish Council (‘the Council’) has adopted this Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of behaviour by its members and co-opted members whenever they conduct the business of the Council, including the business of the office to which they were elected or appointed, or when they claim to act or give the impression of acting as a representative of the Council.

This Code of Conduct is based on the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership.


For the purposes of this Code, a ‘co-opted member’ is a person who is not a member of the Council but who is either a member of any committee or sub-committee of the Council, or a member of, and represents the Council on any joint committee or joint sub-committee of the Council, and who is entitled to vote on any question that falls to be decided at any meeting of that committee or sub-committee.

For the purposes of this Code, a ‘meeting’ is a meeting of the Council, any of its committees, sub-committees, joint committees or joint sub-committees.

For the purposes of this Code, and unless otherwise expressed, a reference to a member of the Council includes a co-opted member of the Council.

Member obligations

When a member of the Council acts, claims to act or gives the impression of acting as a representative of the Council, he/she has the following obligations.

  • He/she shall behave in such a way that a reasonable person would regard as respectful.
  • He/she shall not act in a way which a reasonable person would regard as bullying or intimidatory.
  • He/she shall not seek to improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person.
  • He/she shall use the resources of the Council in accordance with its requirements.
  • He/she shall not disclose information which is confidential or where disclosure is prohibited by law.

Registration of interests

Within 28 days of this Code being adopted by the Council, or the member’s election or the co-opted member’s appointment (where that is later), he/she shall register with the Monitoring Officer the interests which fall within the categories set out in Appendices A and B.

Upon the re-election of a member or the re-appointment of a co-opted member, he/she shall within 28 days re-register with the Monitoring Officer any interests in Appendices A and B.
  • A member shall register with the Monitoring Officer any change to interests or new interests in Appendices A and B within 28 days of becoming aware of it.
  • A member need only declare the existence but not the details of any interest which the Monitoring Officer agrees is a ‘sensitive interest’.  A sensitive interest is one which, if disclosed on a public register, could lead the member or a person connected with the member to be subject to violence or intimidation.

Declaration of interests at meetings

10.    Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to an interest in Appendix A the member shall not participate in a discussion or vote on the matter. He/she only has to declare what his/her interest is if it is not already entered in the member’s register of interests or if he/she has not notified the Monitoring Officer of it.

Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to an interest in Appendix A which is a sensitive interest, the member shall not participate in a discussion or vote on the matter. If it is a sensitive interest which has not already been disclosed to the Monitoring Officer, the member shall disclose he/she has an interest but not the nature of it.


  • Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to an interest in Appendix B, the member shall not vote on the matter.  He/she may speak on the matter only if members of the public are also allowed to speak at the meeting.


A member only has to declare his/her interest in Appendix B if it is not already entered in his/her register of interests or he/she has not notified the Monitoring Officer of it or if he/she speaks on the matter. If he/she holds an interest in Appendix B which is a sensitive interest not already disclosed to the Monitoring Officer, he/she shall declare the interest but not the nature of the interest.

Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to a financial interest of a friend, relative or close associate (other than an interest in Appendix A), the member shall disclose the nature of the interest and not vote on the matter. He/she may speak on the matter only if members of the public are also allowed to speak at the meeting.  If it is a ‘sensitive interest’ the member shall declare the interest but not the nature of the interest.



  • On a written request made to the Council’s proper officer, the Council may grant a member a dispensation to participate in a discussion and vote on a matter at a meeting even if he/she has an interest in Appendices A and B if the Council believes that the number of members otherwise prohibited from taking part in the meeting would impede the transaction of the business; or it is in the interests of the inhabitants in the Council’s area to allow the member to take part or it is otherwise appropriate to grant a dispensation.

Appendix A
Interests described in the table below.



Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation

Any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on for profit or gain.


Any payment or provision of any other financial benefit (other than from the Council) made to the member during the 12 month period ending on the latest date referred to in paragraph 6 above for expenses incurred by him/her in carrying out his/her duties as a member, or towards his/her election expenses.



This includes any payment or financial benefit from a trade union within the meaning of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.



Any contract made between the member or his/her spouse or civil partner or the person with whom the member is living as if they were spouses/civil partners (or a firm in which such person is a partner, or an incorporated body of which such person is a director* or a body that such person has a beneficial interest in the securities of*) and the Council —



(a) under which goods or services are to be provided or works are to be executed; and



(b) which has not been fully discharged.



Any beneficial interest in land which is within the area of the Council.
‘Land’ excludes an easement, servitude, interest or right in or over land which does not give the member or his/her spouse or civil partner or the person with whom the member is living as if they were spouses/civil partners (alone or jointly with another) a right to occupy or to receive income.



Any licence (alone or jointly with others) to occupy land in the area of the Council for a month or longer.


Corporate tenancies

Any tenancy where (to the member’s knowledge) -



(a) the landlord is the Council; and



(b) the tenant is a body that the member, or his/her spouse or civil partner or the person with whom the member is living as if they were spouses/civil partners is a partner of or a director* of or has a beneficial interest in the securities* of.



Any beneficial interest in securities* of a body where -   



(a) that body (to the member’s knowledge) has a place of business or land in the area of the Council; and



(b) either—



(i) the total nominal value of the securities* exceeds £25,000 or one hundredth of the total issued share capital of that body; or



(ii) if the share capital of that body is of more than one class, the total nominal value of the shares of any one class in which the member, or his/her spouse or civil partner or the person with whom the member is living as if they were spouses/civil partners has a beneficial interest exceeds one hundredth of the total issued share capital of that class.

*’director’ includes a member of the committee of management of an industrial and provident society.
*’securities’ means shares, debentures, debenture stock, loan stock, bonds, units of a collective investment scheme within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and other securities of any description, other than money deposited with a building society.

Appendix B

  • An interest which relates to or is likely to affect:
  • any body of which the member is in a position of general control or management and to which he/she is appointed or nominated by the Council;
  • any body -
    • exercising functions of a public nature;
    • directed to charitable purposes; or
    • one of whose principal purposes includes the influence of public opinion or policy (including any political party or trade union)

of which the member of the Council is a member or in a position of general control or management;

  • any gifts or hospitality worth more than an estimated value of £50 which the member has received by virtue of his or her office.


ã NALC 2012

WSPC Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


The General Power of Competence

The Localism Act 2011, Sections 1 - 8, introduced this new power for use by local authorities - including
’eligible’ local councils.

What does the power do? It permits a local council that meets a set criteria to ‘do anything that individuals generally may do’ so long as they do not break other laws. It is a ‘power of first resort’ which means that councils which have the GPC can use it over and above any other existing powers that would allow them to do something in the same way.

Sometimes councils may do things that an individual cannot do - such as creating byelaws, raising a precept or issuing fixed penalty notices, etc - and therefore the council will need to use the original specific legislation in relation to such activities.

The GPC does not mean that a council can delegate decisions to individual councillors – this is a procedural matter that remains fully enshrined in law, as do all other procedural processes relating to the business of a council.

The government’s stated aim is to give local councils confidence in their legal capacity to act for their communities, and to work with others in providing cost-effective services and facilities in innovative ways to meet the needs of local people.

What sort of things could an ’eligible’ council do?

Lend or invest money, trade, sell energy to the National Grid, run a community shop, farm or post office........... The power permits a local council to engage in commercial activity as long as it sets up a company or co-operative for this purpose. If another authority has a statutory duty to do something or provide a service, it remains their duty to provide that service -

eg. education, waste collection, social services - but the local councils could help out if it wishes to do so. The question to be asked in every case is - ’What could an individual do in this situation?’ For example, a local council can support a school in many ways, just as an individual might. It could even help a community trust to run a local school.

Woodhall Spa Parish Council is eligible to use the General Power of Competence.

Find out more on the Communities & Local Government website

26 Jul 13

East Lindsey District Council are responsible for:


Leisure Services

Building Control

Licences & Permits

Dog Wardens


Elections & Electoral Registration

Refuse Collection

Environmental Health

Sewage Matters

Home Improvements

Town & Country Planning


Litter including dog fouling issues

For more information about the services provided by ELDC visit: www.e-lindsey.gov.uk


Lincolnshire County Council are responsible for:



Fire and Rescue

Public Transport


Social Services


Strategic planning


Trading Standards

For more information about the services provided by Lincolnshire County Council visit: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk

Government Office for the East Midlands: www.goem.gov.uk

Making a Difference – What you can do

The Parish Council is an enabler. We can’t do it all. We are fortunate in having several small task forces working in the Spa to help us achieve the vision outlines in our Parish Plan, but we need more people to come forward. A lot of the work is falling on a very few shoulders. If more people gave a little time, it would spread the load on those who do so much already. I doesn’t matter how short a time you’ve been here. If you’d like to be involved, come forward.

We can’t leave it to someone else, if we do, we can’t complain when they do something we don’t like, or don’t do something we think should have been done.

So here is a checklist of opportunities to make a difference: Click on bold text for more information

1. Come to the meetings and ask questions

2. Join the Friends of Jubilee Park or Friends of the Library – we can put you in touch.

3. Write to your MP about the bill to exclude gardens from brownfield sites, he will pass your support on. This will help us protect the special character of the Spa

4. Volunteers to champion our footpaths – we need people to walk them occasionally and feed back details of the work that needs doing

5. Tell us if you have a drainage problem, to help us build the picture – we hear the stories, but we need first hand evidence, don’t grumble alone, tell us!

6. Volunteer to deliver parish newsletters on your street- we especially need people in the Kirkby Lane area and the top of Witham Road or anyone willing to fill in when others are ill or on holiday – it’s only 4 times year.

7. Stand for the Parish Council. We need to have have people standing to ensure that we can continue as a Quality Council.

8. Join the Heritage or Tree committees – we can put you in touch.

10. Join Britain in Bloom – we have the Email contact
11. Read the Parish Plan, see if there’s anything you can help with, it’s on this website and in the library

12. Comment on the draft Village Design Statement

12. Vote in any local elections

13. Come to the 2010 Annual Parish Meeting

2 May 10

Woodhall Spa road sign




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